The SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up – 23/11/2018



Cyber security is obviously pretty important in the modern age, with massive data leaks being an almost monthly occurrence from billion pound organisations you’d hope you can trust. It actually seems the bigger an organisation the harder it is to secure, like when the NHS was infected with a virus last year, with huge numbers of machines comes slow uptake in updates and security patches. That’s why the NHS still runs IE6 because it would be a massive job to replace the applications that only work on IE6!

Now with all that in mind, imagine if you will applying for the job of cyber security minister in a technologically advanced nation, lets say Japan. Having a pretty good handle on these issues and understanding the scope and repercussions of vulnerabilities would be essential. Apparently not for Yoshitaka Sakurada Japans cybersecurity minister, who had never used a computer in his professional live…ever. He didn’t even know what a USB port was when asked. Amazing.




Last week we my son and I watched The ballad of Buster Scruggs – a Coen bro’s straight to Netflix offering.

A decent effort but a flawed one. The fundamental flaw is the Coen Brother’s failure to fully utilise the mechanics of the short film. Far too many of the segments in this six-part anthology feel like a random clip from an abandoned Coen brothers project which, rightfully, never saw the light of day. The film has its moments certainly – but it falls into many of the same ruts other anthologies do and whilst the Coen’s trademark brand of deadpan, wry tragicomedy does go a long way to tying things together it remains frustratingly inconsistent. Each short is engaging in its own right (though some do drag) but the film feels like a hastily thrown together collection of shorts without the care or precision I’d come to expect from a film with the Coen name on.




I’m not much of a gamer but I love Sci-Fi, and have recently found myself watching stupidly long videos of upcoming epic space adventure game Star Citizen, which isn’t the type of thing I thought I’d ever do. The scale and level of detail of the game is insane, I wouldn’t have believed it was possible until I saw it. Huge 1/6th scale planets that are fully explorable often containing huge cities, and you can jump into a ship and FTL travel to the next one with no pause in the gameplay. The video below is pretty long but the first 5 minutes gives a good overview of what’s possible.


I’ve always been fascinated to know how huge works of engineering like ships are built from scratch. Here’s a pretty cool timelapse video of a cruise ship being constructed.




I watched Trevor Noah Netflix special this week and it was really interesting to see the level of racism that he experiences in America versus his home in South Africa. I’ve never been to South Africa but it’s definitely on my list of countries to visit.


The most important aspect of Trevor Noah’s experience of racism in the states was that he informed America that South Africa is the best at racism. That’s not even paraphrased. He pointed out to the audience that he was a child who grew up during apartheid, that there were derogatory words used in a suppressive manner that wouldn’t mean anything in a different continent. People across the world are connected by the same experiences, bias, prejudiced actions, no matter their colour or creed. An interesting take on the complexity and interconnection of behaviour globally.


Here’s a great example of how approval processes failure can affect companies no matter where they are.




I haven’t managed to do a blog submission for a few weeks now.  Due mainly to being on the road so much, going to see existing clients or potentially new ones.  I don’t mind the travel so much, but being away for days at a time is not something I savour any more.  When I was a younger man, I loved the idea of a career that involved lots of travel and flying and the like.  Not anymore!  No way.  I like to be home in the evenings. Feet up in front of the fire.

Anyway, this brings me on to my theme of travel.  Go with it.

First off, I went to a Chamber event at the Rolls Royce factory last week. Rolls Royce!  Like, the place where they actually manufacture them (which is in Chichester).  Here’s a couple of pics to prove this.

It was a lovely evening.  I could say SteadyGo is like the Rolls Royce of digital agencies, but that would be corny wouldn’t it?  True, but corny.

Then this weekend I went on a chaps sailing trip.  I was on a friend’s racing trimaran which was massively exhilarating but also very wet and I got a bit sick.  Still I learned a lot about sailing, pulling ropes and NOT making tea below when the boat is bouncing up and down.  Anyway, this is the boat I was on.

Part of a flotilla of about 5 boats.

Talking of boats.  This one’s quite large:

And finally, could this be our future for travel?  Can you imagine the potential for accidents?




This week for my blog post I’d like to recommend the new Smashing Pumpkins album Shiny And Oh So Bright, Vol. 1. If you’re Pumpkins fan I can’t recommend this album enough, it’s  got that 90’s Pumpkins sound all over it yet it still sounds new and fresh. From the undeniably Bowie inspired Alienation to the fuzz driven riff of Marchin’ On, it’s a wicked album front to back. If you’ve got 30 minutes of travelling to do this weekend I’d recommend this album as your soundtrack.




I’ve been perusing the Starter Packs sub-reddit again:




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