The SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up – 24/08/2018


I don’t know what it is about this gif but I cant stop watching it and laughing my head off:


Gifs are a weird one as they are a terrible format for animations, huge file sizes with bad colours and everyone made me stop pronouncing properly to use their stupid guttural version like I’m in 1984 or something. Anyway I’m not sure what caused the brief dip in gif popularity around 2009/10, probably the financial crisis but in my opinion it should have stayed that way.

Now mp4 had taken over everyone is much happier and everyone knows how to pronounce it.




I spotted some really cool sci-fi concept artwork on Reddit recently that had been used in a Blade Runner short film to promote Blade Runner 2049 last year. Being one of my favourite film franchises I really enjoyed this, despite it being Anime:


A collection of the artists other awesome artwork can be found here:




This week the Kent based band Slaves released their new album Acts of Fear and Love. It’s like Royal Blood meet the Sex Pistols and that’s alright with me.


This gif of a dog and cat smiling for the camera also cracked me up this week. It shows the difference between the two perfectly.




Found this article about a new housing concept to be built in Tel Aviv in the next year or so. I really like it, the large outdoor spaces, which are unusual for apartments, really stand out as an appealing feature.

Tel Aviv Arcades by Penda


Kitten checking his messages:



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