The SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up 25/05/2018


This week I have mostly been working on

This is a new section we will be doing each Friday, where one of the SteadyGoers will write a bit about what they have been working on each week.


Here’s what Jonny has been (Mostly) doing this week:

This week I have mostly been working on…forms. Forms on websites are ways of transmitting data from a user’s machine to the server, mostly used for simple things like account registrations and contact requests. They can however turn into pretty complex endeavours, Umbraco as ever comes to the rescue! Umbraco cloud comes with their forms package as standard. The forms builder is insanely powerful allowing you to create conditional fields, custom validation and just about anything you want! The forms package is easily extendable so you can create custom workflows to suit your needs or integrate with 3rd party tools. Watch out for a more fully featured blog post on forms soon.



I’ve recently been fighting a battle with Iberia Airlines because they stranded me in London last year, forcing me to buy a £130 train ticket but now wont refund me. I’m not going to let fly my rage on the subject but one small positive that has come out of it is Greg our designer showed me it after one too many rants in the office, basically it’s a step by step process to file a complaint to a bunch of different companies and manages the whole process for you. It knows who to send the complaint to and who to escalate it to after that if it fails. A massive time saver and very handy.




Another brilliant piece by the BBC, this time on Kim Jong-Un:


An here’s some animals being weird to cheer you up after that. Enjoy.

🔥 Two lynxes arguing 🔥 from NatureIsFuckingLit


Whatever this monkey thing is, I want it.


Loads more clips of animals being weird here:



Introducing ‘Le Petit Chef’.  This is a lovely piece of digital animation work at a restaurant table in…I guess…Berlin? Poor little guy. He was probably normal size once but then got this contract so had to shrink.



I’ve also been kind of following the volcano erupting on Kilauea. The power of the system we inhabit. I did a Geography degree and have always been completely fascinated by how the earth works, and how plates move around.  This is some insane footage of the lava pouring in to the sea:



But then got clicking and also found this video of a BBC crew who almost got wiped out by Mount Etna:

Those crazy people.  I once cooked an egg on a volcano in Indonesia, and that was hot enough, thanks very much.


It was the royal wedding last week. Fact. Did you go out drinking until 1am to celebrate? I certainly hope so. Apparently the most popular post on Pinterest last week was a recipe for cucumber sandwiches which was viewed some insane number of times mainly be people in the States.  What are they thinking?  Cucumber sandwiches are so very bland, and really do you need a recipe?  The clue’s in the name.  No?  okay then.  Here it is:




For anyone that likes to watch Formula 1 on a Sunday afternoon, it’s always fun to watch the team boss’s reactions when one of their top drivers piles into a wall or another car. Imagine their faces during this GT race in Macau…


The invisible man:


POV of the US Navy Blue Angels aerial display team:




This week, as age creeps in and episode 16 of Twin Peaks 3 passes by my tellybox …

Shower thoughts of the week – will we actually leave the E.U? I think it’s a good bet, that in the end, for lots of reasons, we won’t. I’m not campaigning either way – no politics here – it just seems an insurmountable obstacle of bureaucracy and politics. In the long run I see these things as akin to living thorough the World wars if you lived in, say, Saint Helena. Yes there’s a World War, but day to day you wouldn’t likely see it or feel it at all and you’d struggle make connections between your daily life and the outcome either way.

And finally ……… good Coop’ is back!




It’s been uproar on the trains this week with the roll out of the new timetables. So my highlight of the week is in tribute to the rail related chaos.

This fantastic news story looks at the outrage caused by a train leaving 25 seconds early. To say the train operator described this as “inexcusable” shows they’ve got their priorities sorted.




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