The SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up 27/04/2018


I started listening to more classical music recently thanks to my boy Max Richter. His first album Memoryhouse quickly shot to the top of my favourite album list. As I was trying to find more stuff to listen to I came across the fact that Anthony Hopkins is actually a pretty accomplished composer so much so that Andre Rieu (who is apparently a pretty good violin guy and looks like an 18th century Richard E Grant) performed a piece written by old Tony:

It also turns out that Anthony Hopkins is a total f**king nutcase




This week a Twin Peaks update.

Completed Series 1 and up to Episode 13 of 22 on Series 2

Some Striking issues 25 years on.

Smoking was acceptable anywhere, any time – and nobody ever complained or raised an eyebrow.

Motorcycle helmets were not mandatory – at least in Washington State

Apple Mac Portable with mono LCD screen is the height of tech in ‘91.

Transgender issues were OK to be rebuffed on primetime TV – Denise Bryson (David Duchovny!) character actively refused handshake by Hawk


Finally this piece of trivia (just because we built and maintain Hallmark’s site!):

There was a 1991 Twin Peaks calendar that Hallmark refused to release due to Sherilyn Fenn’s(Audrey Horne) appearance in Playboy.




This week is another week of what did Greg manage to find on Reddit.

I give you what $1,000,000 looks like in $1 dollar bills.

Some really old crayons that have now oxidised and changed colour.

And an ice cube that looks like a bear, cute.




Another round of top trolling from cyberspace’ No 1 idiot, Ken M:

Treasures of Ages Past

Holy Eggs

The Selfish Homeless

God’s Gift




My precious mining bees are all fine after the weekend storm. I was sure all their little homes would be full of rain water and the bees dead, but it appears they are made of tougher stuff. After not seeing them for a couple of days they are back, buzzing around and annoying the cats. Speaking of the cats, they have this habit with bees of sitting directly over their hives. We used to have a large underground hive in the garden of an old house and they both used to sit directly over the hive entrance as they are quite dense like that. They are doing it again with the mining bees hidey holes.

In other bee news.

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