The SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up 27/07/2018


This week several news stories have got my hopes up with re-releases of films I love, however they are always in cinemas in America or somewhere annoying.

The first was Christopher Nolan’s epic The Dark Knight for its 10th birthday

The second is 2001: A Space Oddessy, shown in 70mm.

I guess i’ll just sit at home and watch them on my laptop again…




With the lack of water falling from our skies lately, here’s some weird stuff you can look forward to doing with it when it finally comes back. Or don’t, whichever.


Water flowing as a 24hz sine wave pattern.


When you’ve got Jesus around for dinner:




This week we got a pool table for the office, it’s pretty neat. Take a look.

I won the first game with my mad skillz.


Retro futurism always either makes me incredibly nostalgic or chuckle to myself sensibly. I did the latter upon first viewing of the following picture:

Imagine thinking of clothes people would wear in future and that’s what you come up with. A 1950’s beatnick wearing an ill-fitting grey jumpsuit, slippers and one of those wire fruit bowls on his head. Don’t dream too big!



This week I read this interesting article on the Guardian’s website about Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and his crazy Victorian London town house. The place is essentially a museum to architect William Burges to the point where he doesn’t even play electric guitar in there. Definitely worth a read if you’ve seen the house while walking around Kensington.




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