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Stock photos can be handy when you’re stuck for time or budget and need to get a job out with some nice looking photos, especially with the advent of sites like unsplashed which have some pretty top drawer stuff. If you’re looking for a photo of the Eiffel tower at night however then you’ll probably be out of luck!! I wont spoil the video but it related to a quirk in French copyright law, don’t worry though no one will sue you over your holiday snaps:




I’ve been helping self-driving cars learn how to drive and so have you. This is a thing I didn’t know and I’m not sure is true. If it is true I’m not really surprised prototypes aren’t performing the way the media has told the public to expect, the public don’t have the patience for the squares AND clicking there’s just too much going on. I don’t want a car that has my abilities, I want a driver-less vehicle that drives far better than I do – I’m dodgy at best!

I suppose from a testing perspective it makes sense that drivers can be distracted and reaction and gauged by this whether fast or slow but I’m still in the “let the F1/Moto GP contenders work on it for agility and showmanship” camp. Who wouldn’t want a driver-less vehicle that behaves like a race car? Oh wait… Well there has to be some happy medium between distracted drivers who want to download something for free and competitive drivers on a world class level – glad it’s not my job to figure that one out

The link I’ve attached is an easy read piece that helpfully makes up for all the words I haven’t written myself.

Is reCaptcha Training Robocars?










This week I want to recommend two films I’ve recently seen, both about the very dysfunctional aspects of American Society.

I, Tonya

The utterly compelling story of the figure skater Tonya Harding, who was the first female American skater to do a triple axel in competition. It is about what went horribly wrong in her life. The performances in it are absolutely sublime and honestly, what happened to her, because of her upbringing, is beyond fiction. I’m not going to say anymore as I don’t want to spoil it. An absolute must-see. Like, this weekend!


The Florida Project

Set in a condominium complex just by Disneyworld in Florida, it documents a summer through the eyes of a group of kids. There’s a great juxtaposition of their lives against this massive dream of Americana on their doorstep. They’re all from dysfunctional families, are really cocky, but care very much for each other. Again, amazing performances from the kids! Staggering. The ending left me breathless. Willem DaFoe is also brilliant in it.

In other news

Again on the American theme, I read this very funny piece about an 8 year boy who, one evening, was desperate for a hamburger and his parents wouldn’t get him one. So he looked up on YouTube how to drive a car, took the family car, and his 4 year old sister to their local McDonald’s and ordered some food in the drive-thru. Apparently his driving was good and after the police were called, they managed to eat their cheeseburgers.

Key fob wonder

Finally, we own a Toyota that’s about 10 years old and has just clocked 100,000 miles. It’s generally in good condition (which separately always amazes me how modern cars just last and last compared to cars of 20 years ago that just rusted away). Anyway, and probably commonly, the electric key fobs have worn out. The rubber is all broken, and because it is one of those ones you have to push in to the dashboard and press a Start button, I’m worried they’ll let us down. So, I asked the dealer how much to replace and they said over £200 each! I’m like, WHAT?. So I Googled around and found this absolutely brilliant service

You find your key on their site, order up the repair and then post it off. Within a week they post-back a brand new electric key fob with your electronics inside. Total cost = £27.00! I’ve had one done, and am about to do the other.

I feel compelled to give them a shout out because, honestly, the service is exceptional and replacement fob they’ve sent I think is better than the rubber original – it will last far longer.



Sci-Fi films seem ten a penny these days. However, decent, interesting Sci-Fi films on the other hand are few and far between, usually existing in niche independent film circles where filmmakers are more likely to take risks with lower budgets. Prospect looks like one of them. Check out the trailer:


In other news, Forza Horizon 4 is out now. For anyone not familiar with the Forza franchise, it’s a series of racing video games generally regarded for their more realistic approach to car racing. The Horizon off shoot series is still pretty amazing for detail and racing physics but has a more open world approach. I got Forza Horizon 3 with my X-box One and have enjoyed it immensely. Here’s the kicker, if you have the Microsoft game pass subscription which is £8.99 a month you can start playing it right away (after it downloads of course). Considering the game to buy is the best part of 50 quid then even after 4 months of playing it on game pass you still wont have paid quite as much as buying the game. Makes sense to me, plus you have all the other games to play on there too.

P.S I don’t work for Microsoft but reading back my words above I probably should.




This week I found this great article that contains 50 facts and stories about Led Zeppelin’s album covers. My favourite fact from the article is that they crated a record slip sleeve that changed colour when you applied water to it. As no one goes around throwing water onto their records however this remained a pretty well hidden secret until the internet came around and people started posting articles about Led Zeppelin album artwork.


Stare at the dot for 15 seconds the castle will appear in colour.

It took me far too long to work out if this optical illusion actually worked or if they were just swapping out the image for a coloured version.




Best shower thought on reddit this week. “People who buy VIP tickets for events probably aren’t VIPs”.

In other news – we now have one child at University, we’re very proud, she is studying Medicine – quite an achievement already. So, things I have noticed in my daughters absence. I don’t seem to be able to cook for three vs four, our whole lives seem 25% less busy and quieter, the cat’s don’t understand she’s not around anymore and paw at her bedroom door, we have another direct debit set up for her ‘wages’, we have realised how far Scotland is from Leeds, the house seems to keep itself tidier for longer and finally we’re really looking forward to Christmas and a full house – particularly picking her and driving home to the Christmas songs I usually dislike intensely.




I love space stuff so the news that the Japanese have successfully landed a probe on asteroid Ryugu and sent back these stunning images is super exciting. It won’t be long until we’re all living on offworld colonies and having to recycle our own urine to survive!


I have no idea how this is happening but I can’t stop watching it:


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