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There are many things that you will read that are the best ways to choose CMS for your company. Most of them will include certain audits or evaluations that generally end up with a wish list of things that you’d like to be able to do to manage your website internally.


From an agency perspective while this is a helpful guideline to understand our prospective clients needs, we often find that client expectations of what a CMS can perform and what the CMS can perform once their site is migrated are very difficult to disentangle. CMS wish lists can often create ‘non-negotiable’ actions for the CMS to carry out which may not be plausible or possible for the already existing client website.


What I recommend for companies looking to choose a new CMS:


  • Rather than the MoSCoW (Must haves, could haves, wont haves, would haves) method carry out a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) focusing on strengths and weaknesses only, this will give you tangible actions that your CMS currently does and does not perform for you. This offers awareness about what you can and can’t do using your current product.


  • Create a website highlight timeline for your website; what has your website done for your business? what does it currently do for the business? What do you want it to do for the business in the next 2 years? This way you can see what the website has achieved – or not, and you can combine what you’d like to achieve with a CMS product that suits your needs (as much as it can).


  • Document what your website contributes to your business financially. This will vary depending on industry. Whether you are an e-commerce company, a combination of brick and mortar and online, or whether you’re projecting how a website can help, different organisational needs will vary – so the spend amount, time for internal adoption and feature complexity (and possible integration with other software) will need to be costed accordingly.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask developers questions for clarity about user journeys, words they use and processes. (Good) developers like explaining what goes in the CMS so that you will have more confidence in a solution, them and your ability to manage the CMS internally. There may be jargon you’re not sure of but what better place to start learning it than with those who are native speakers of technology.


If you’d like more information on CMS choices for your organization, we’re Umbraco Gold Partners and we’d like to tell you more about what it can offer you and your business.

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