Top tips: Google alerts for social media content

I learned an interesting top tip at a recent Linkedin course which basically solves the problem of where to find all that content to post on your social media channels.

You can set up Google Alerts to notify you of interesting articles and blog posts that appear within your chosen categories and have them redirected to a specific email folder or email address. This way, if you are stuck for something to post you can open your inbox/folder and have a huge amount of content to choose from. You can select to have this content delivered as and when it is found by Google or once a day if you don’t want to be completely swamped.

You can also select from only the best stuff or anything that it comes across that it thinks is relevant. The region you want the content to be sourced from, so you could select just your own country or even the whole world. The language and also which type of source the content comes from such as blogs, news articles, videos etc.

Always remember to write your own take on the content when you post it. People are more likely to click on the links you post if you write a bit about it or why you are posting it. It could be because you agree or disagree with it or just because you think it’s an interesting subject.

Setting up Google alerts is a fantastic solution to those times when you have a bit of the old social media ‘writers block’ and need some content or even just some inspiration to nudge you in the right direction for your own articles and blog content.


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