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Using a CMS in a standard way you would usually manage content for a number of “views”, which is where the content is pulled out into the HTML to show to a user. This is great and fits very neatly into the world of websites, but what if you want to manage the content for something different like an app but still want to use a cracking CMS like Umbraco.

Hot off the presses at Umbraco HQ is Umbraco Headless! The “Head” bit that this is without refers the front end or “view” part of the site. Now you may be thinking well how do I show my users any content without a front end? The answer is: you dont…..well not directly anyway.

You may have an app, a website and an intranet site. All of these may share lots of content, including translated content, it would be a nightmare to manage all this over three systems. Umbraco Headless allows you to store all your content in one CMS and allow 3rd party apps or sites to grab that content by means of an API.

If you’re a regular reader of the SG blog you may recall our Umbraco REST API post. Headless basically works in the same way(it’s actually replacing the REST API). You set up your content structure and populate on the always excellent Umbraco CMS, you can then use the handily written node js or .NET clients to grab your content and display it to the user.

Using this model means you can share content across platforms, reducing your editors workloads and centralising all your resources.

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