Umbraco Latch, HTTPS for everyone, for free!

Umbraco Cloud is ace, for small to medium size sites it takes the pressure off when it comes to deployment, content editing and setting up staging and development servers. One of the areas its always lagged behind in is free HTTPS certificates.

After the launch of a couple of years ago most hosting services have offered free certificates which is brilliant. It makes the web more secure and helps with your SEO too!

Fear not however, in steps Umbraco Latch, this now comes as standard with all new Umbraco Cloud sites(soon to be rolled out to existing sites), when you add a domain your package it automagically sorts out the certificate for you using let’s encrypt. You can still add your own if that’s what you want to do!

Big props to the Umbraco team for continuing to listen to their customers and build a better and better product every day.


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