What makes a good digital agency?


It’s important to be aware of what you understand ‘good’ to be in your search for a digital agency. Let’s start with defining, what is “good”? Most often than not it is defined as “Having the required qualities; of a high standard” according to the Oxford English Dictionary online. Good can be incredibly subjective in most circumstances, in other words – it means different things to different people.


Some ‘good’ questions to consider when asking the question of “What makes a good digital agency?”;


  1. Do you know if and what the agency specialises in?

This could save you a lot of time wasted filling out contact forms and sending requests for proposals when the agency may not be able to cater to what you would like. Some agencies outsource developing but are excellent at building a brand and designing the site. Some agencies are great at SEO and PPC but not at designing and building. Some agencies are good at social media and some at content creation. Figure out what you need and then you’ll have the confidence to ask questions and take on board any advice that could help with your project.


  1. Do you know what you would like the agency to do for you – is it take over hosting, hosting and migration, redesign, build a website or upgrade your website? Being clear on what you’d like from the beginning helps an agency see if they are suitable for your needs.


  1. Can the agency provide references?


  1. Have you looked at the agencies site and case studies?


  1. What way does your company like to work? Do you use project management tools, or do you prefer emailing or do you like screenshares? Ensuring that the way you work with an agency is cohesive will save frustration in the long term. By assuming that everyone works the same way is a mistake that could cost you more than you intended.


  1. Do you have realistic timeframes and budgets? The nature of technology and differing skills and expertise of developers means that one size does not fit all. Developers use their experience and logic to build sites, migrate them and troubleshoot issues with them, that means they will all think differently and that should be respected when appointing a new agency – each website project is a learning curve for you and the new agency.


  1. Have you considered support after the project is completed?  If you’re in an industry with a high staff turnover rate, then support may be highly beneficial for you so that the website and user experience of the site doesn’t suffer when new staff members don’t know what to do with the CMS. You can’t predict how quickly or well staff members adapt to new technology; this is how you can support them to learn internally.


Some questions a ‘good’ agency should ask;

  1. Do you know what CMS you use? And is it the most up to date version?


  1. Do you know if you or your company has access to its server and domain information? Would you know who to ask?


  1. How many users have access to the CMS and do they all need it? Always good to know who is doing what and where.


  1. Do you know what integrations your CMS currently has? This can help an agency suss out how beneficial they are to the site and they may be able to recommend other integrations or ways the site will be able to support what the integration does but using a different CMS.


If you’d like more information on CMS choices for your organization, we’re Umbraco Gold Partners and we’d like to tell you more about what it can offer you and your business. Please call 0113 320 1302 or pop your details in our form here and we can arrange an introduction.

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