Code in the Dark: Round 2



A year after our last appearance at Code in the Dark we are back again, hungrier and better than ever. It was a Heat 5 upset that saw us put out of the competition last time. The crowd were gobsmacked, we were stunned, we contacted the Prime Minister for an overruling but he just kept asking how we got his number. Clearly bribed to secrecy.


If you don't know what Code in the Dark is about, it's a competitive UX coding competition like you've never seen before. Run by Epiphany, a Leeds based agency, and spearheaded by @webbist it really is an event you have to see to believe. It's one part rave, one part after-school IT club. We're talking lasers, smoke machines and loud music.


The key premise of the event is that each developer competes in heats against their peers in groups of 5, with the winner proceeding to the final heat. Each developer has 10 minutes to code the same template, but without the ability to view your output until it's over. That's right, you're flying blind. Forget your closing CSS brace, misspell a DOM element and it's game over.


From our experience last year it's an incredible event with amazing atmosphere and it's not too late to book your spectator ticket at Belgrave tonight to come see us win.

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