Essential Digital Resources – Part 2



In this week's edition of our essential digital resources blog series, we'll be giving you a short introduction to even more handy tools we love here at SteadyGo! We're always on the lookout for tips and tricks to make us work smarter and more efficiently. Now we're not saying every tool we try stays on our 'essentials' list, but here are some firm favourites...


1 - Asana


At SteadyGo most things we do are managed and run through Asana. Whether it's used by our client services team, our clients or the techies, this platform helps us stay focused on our projects, goals and daily tasks. Asana is perfect for our in-depth Quality Assurance testing process.


Our favourite features in Asana are:


  • Project Templates - These allow you to set up a project which can be reused again and again which is perfect if you often so similar jobs. You can add tasks and content to the template every time you learn something new constantly improving your process
  • Custom Fields - You can add as many custom fields as you want to tickets with different data types allowing you to capture varying requirements for differen projects in a nice structured manner.
  • Guest Members - Clients or suppliers can be added to boards as guests so they can contribute to the management of their projects which saves time all round. They can also be set to read only so they can view projects but not modify them.




2 - Browserstack


With so many browsers and devices in the mix, browser testing can become time-consuming. It's unlikely an organization will have access to every device, on a specific operating system to test against at any one time. This is where Browserstack comes in, with interactive web-based testing! Whilst it's not intended to replace real hands on-device testing, this tool enables you to connect remotely to pretty much any mobile device or browser you're struggling to access. In fact, there's over 2000+ browsers and iOS and Android devices to take advantage of, and it works straight out the box!




3 - Bitly


So simple yet so useful, Bitly simply shortens down any URL into a more manageable (and reliable!) bite-size link. This tool is essential for tidying up links using UTMs which look long and unsightly, making them much more friendly and recognisable to users across channels. Perfect for Twitter where the character count is limited! There's also an element of analytics included where you can track link clicks and see geographic data within the dashboard.


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