In September 2023 Umbraco 7 will no longer be supported


Umbraco HQ  announced the end-of-life date for Umbraco 7 some while ago, with the last minor version being released in July 2019.

At the time of writing, they are still offering security patches for Umbraco 7, but this will come to an end in Sept 2023.

Umbraco 7 has had a good run. It was released in 2013. In technology terms this is a web platform well into its retirement years. Consider other things that were released in 2013 that have been superseded; Apple’s iPhone 5, Sony’s Playstation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One, Google were even beta testing their revolutionary Glass eyewear.

All technology ultimately comes to the end of its useful life and U7 is no exception, but ten years is an incredible lifespan for such a piece of software. Those that got onboard early have had an amazing return on their investment. But, the news from Umbraco themselves, is that they do not recommend using U7 after it reaches end-of-life

So, what do businesses running U7 need to do?


What you need to think of now


Anyone running a U7 website needs to be thinking very seriously about building a new website right now. U7 will continue to run, but without security support it will become increasingly vulnerable to security issues and attacks. Plus, those running U7 websites have missed out on all the great feature updates released since U8 became available in February 2019.

Some of the improvements introduced by Umbraco since U7 include infinite editing, language variants, content apps, synergy with microsoft’s .NET Core from .NET 5 onwards, improved runtime performance, improved speed and scalability, cross-platform capabilities, WebP image support, updated Umbraco forms and Umbraco Deploy.

A rebuild in U11, the current version of Umbraco, will bring all the features above plus further performance improvements that come with .NET 7, new features thanks to C#11, a new block grid editor and an improved rich text editor (utilizing TinyMCE 6).

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