Vodafone’s VOXI brand is a SIM card that gives unlimited data allowance for social channel use. Vodafone wanted to raise awareness of VOXI amongst the UK student population by means of a really slick online competition that made use of generated video content.

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The Campaign

We worked very closely with our friends at Seed Marketing, a specialist student marketing agency, who managed the campaign and marketing.

The campaign idea was easy:

1. Create a Boomerang looping video or 10 second video that captures a University experience

2. Upload and publish the video on the campaign microsite

3. Get as many friends as possible to vote for the video

4. The entries with the most votes win a cash prize and also their video appeared in a national advert

What We Did

We produced the campaign microsite in just 6 weeks!

We initially produced mobile-first wireframes that covered all the user journeys for entering the competition and voting. It was critical that the competition site loaded quickly on mobile devices and was extremely easy to use.

We then produced mobile and desktop designs that were approved by Vodafone before building the microsite.

We produced the microsite in Bootstrap 4 for the front end, and Umbraco CMS for the back end. Using Umbraco allowed us to easily manage the campaign site phases, and tweak content during the campaign.

We also used Cloudflare to optimise page load speed, and SendGrid for managing the automated emails the website sent to users.


The Results


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