Enterprise content publishing workflow in Umbraco


If hosted on Umbraco Cloud or a custom hosting architecture, Umbraco allows businesses to create a fully managed content publishing workflow.

Content editors can manage content on the staging site; allowing the freedom to experiment with the confidence that the live site will not be affected. This content can then easily be deployed to the live site.

Umbraco has a multitude of tools to manage content-approval. Back office users can be assigned highly granular access so they can only view and edit content relevant to them. Content approval workflows can also be created whereby editors must submit content for manager approval before it is published.

Audit trails can be important to establish where things went wrong and why changes were made. Umbraco comes with content audit trails out-the-box; as well as content ‘Rollback’ to previous versions; and the ability to create notifications when certain events happen on content. For instance, when a content item should be removed as it is no longer relevant for the website.

When building a multilingual website, often not all content is ready at the same time. With Umbraco, Editors can create a language variant and notify a translator using the send to translation functionality.