Pushing the boundaries of science and innovation

Reading Scientific Services Ltd



  1. Reading Scientific Services Ltd is a cutting-edge food and pharmaceutical research company, pushing the boundaries of science and innovation to help make our world safer, healthier, and more sustainable.


The Challenges


  1. We were appointed to solve the following key challenges:


  1. 1. RSSL was undergoing a major rebrand and needed a new website to reflect this
  2. 2. RSSL are part of the Mondelez group and although there are many positives that this brings, RSSL were looking for a new development partner who could be collaborative, responsive and bring their designs to life within a relatively quick turnaround time.
  3. 3. RSSL wanted a simpler more effective CMS to use. After doing their research they settled on Umbraco and needed an established Umbraco agency to help them transition from their old CMS and to train them on the new one.
  4. 4. Utilise the feed from their training course platform to promote and sell all the courses they have to offer.



  1. Provide clarity of purpose and clarity to the services that RSSL provide
  2. Provide an easy to use and flexible website platform
  3. Utilise the new brand identity and assets within the website
  4. Ensure users can find all the courses on offer, and book them easily
  5. Ensure the website meets the needs of its diverse audience
  6. Improved data capture and analytics reporting
  7. Ensure RSSL’s existing search authority is retained and improved upon in the months after launch.

What we did 


We conducted two scoping sessions to collate all requirements for the CMS, the website users, SEO & tracking, integrations and hosting.

We interrogated the supplied designs and broke these down into their constituent components, interpreting the designs to turn them into working web pages

We built RSSL a new website in Umbraco 9, structured in such a way that additional language variants could be added at a later date.

Build a front-end system based on components and modules for complete flexibility

Utilised Umbraco Examine for indexing and accurate search functionality, including content searches within resource PDFs stored in the back end

Integrated RSSL’s online course platform into Umbraco to deliver filtered listings pages to present their 100+ courses in a coherent and easy to understand way

SEO migration split into four key stages: pre-migration, migration, pre-production analysis and post-migration
Thorough quality assurance testing


Since the website was launched in June, month-on-month there has been a 54.63% increase in page views and an 86.39% increase in average session duration.


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