Amazon wanted to raise awareness of their new box set seasons on Prime amongst UK student populations, and also wanted to capture student data by means of an online and offline competition. We were brought in to design and build the campaign microsite in just 5 weeks!

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Amazon Box Set Binge

Student clubs or teams entered by choosing their favourite box sets and created a team profile. They then got their friends to vote for the team. The 10 teams with the most votes were then put through to a head-to-head final competition in London.

Working with student marketing agency Seed, we designed and built the Amazon Box Set Binge campaign website using Umbraco CMS.

The campaign site allowed users to:

1. Easily select their favourite Box Sets, then…
2. Answer a set of multiple Choice Q&As for their chosen Box Sets, then…
3. Register their team for the competition

All on a single screen! A fantastic experience for the (mobile) user

4. Users could also view a verified team leaderboard and vote for their favourite teams


The Design

Our target audience were students so we knew almost all website visits would be on mobile, so we adopted a mobile-first design approach.

After doing the initial wireframing, we quickly moved on to the UX designs. It was vital that teams could easily choose their box sets and sign up with minimum friction, but in a way that allowed us to capture their data.

We did the entire signup process on the homepage using a set of panel reveals for each step of the signup process.

For the team voting, this was done via a leaderboard and vote button.

We also artworked all the campaign box set imagery and made it ready for the microsite.

Amazon were so pleased with the designs, they approved them within 2 days!

SteadyGo produced Amazon Box Set Binge
SteadyGo produced Amazon Box Set Binge

The Build

We produced the site using Bootstrap 4 and Umbraco. Allowing us to rapidly develop the backend, manage content, data capture and export team and voting data.

We hosted the campaign site on Umbraco Cloud. We used Cloudflare for speed optimisation and SendGrid for all email sending

The campaign had multiple phases, Umbraco gave us the flexibility to switch and content manage each phase effortlessly.

Finally, A/B testing and refining our designs to quickly achieve and exceed our clients KPIs.


The Results


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